Spider Vein Removal

Reduce unsightly veins with quick, painless treatments!

SharpLight’s advanced laser and pulsed light platforms effectively treat and diminish the appearance of unsightly leg veins. Our leading vein removal solutions offer affordable, non-ablative and safe alternatives to surgery that deliver impressive results with no downtime.  Our technologies apply pulsed light, set to the appro-priate wavelength, to heat the blood within the problematic veins, affecting the flow and vessel lining, causing the veins to constrict; this process causes the vein to degenerate and eventually completely fade, resulting in clearer, better looking legs.

Payment plans available, contact us for details!

Legs – 15 mins

1 session … $295

3 sessions … $620

6 sessions … $1,060

Legs – 30mins

1 session … $380

3 sessions … $795

6 sessions … $1,365